Rediscover your mobility with the colorful Stromer ST1 X. The e-bike is perfectly suited to your individual city style and is packed full of innovations. All of the technology is seamlessly integrated in the design, including the touchscreen that allows you to take control of your ST1 X e-bike ─ such as locking and unlocking it. You can also download the Stromer OMNI app to ensure that you are always connected to your e-bike. With anti-theft protection, geo-localization, overview of kilometers/miles ridden and other configuration options, everything can be accessed via your smartphone. Now discover your city in a stylish format with the new ST1 X.

The ST1 X from Stromer is a digitally connected e-bike that shines in a colorful new urban design. Our e-bike from the latest generation has a very crisp, streamlined look to it. All of the componentry is tucked away inside the frame, with the touchscreen housed in the top tube, the battery pack in the downtube and the cables inside the frame.

  • Cleverly integrated design: Touch screen, battery pack, motor and cables
  • Connected thanks to OMNI: This Stromer allows you to take full advantage of the digital world by connecting it to the Stromer portal and the OMNI Stromer app
  • Battery range: The ST1 X covers up to 150 km (70 miles), with in-frame recharging or external recharging at any conventional power socket in the office or at home
  • Energy recovery: The ST1 X generates energy from the braking process itself and automatically feeds it back into the battery to increase range
  • Effortless: complete short and longer journeys with ease and get around town without getting caught in a traffic jam
  • Powerful motor: Power up hills without breaking a sweat with multiple pedal assist modes and powerful torque for strong acceleration
  • Stylish colors: the new ST1 X is available in orange, charcoal and classic white
  • Speed: available as an S-Pedelec (45 km/h) and a Pedelec (25 km/h) in Switzerland an Europe and a S-Pedelec (28mph) in USA.

Take full advantage of the digital world by downloading the Stromer OMNI app onto your smartphone. This app keeps you connected to your ST1 X at all times ─ from anywhere ─ as well as offers many clever functions.

  • Anti-theft protection with remote locking/unlocking capability (regardless of where you are)
  • GPS localization, including when far away
  • Overview of kilometers/miles traveled
  • Servicing information
  • Configuration options for the e-bike motor

We continually plan, innovate, test, improve, build and design to ensure that Stromer e-bikes remain truly unique and give you an optimal riding experience.

To this end, we have devoted ourselves to developing e-bikes because we believe that commuting with a Stromer is nothing short of pure pleasure. We are also convinced that your ride will be even more pleasurable when you rush past a sea of stuck cars with one of our high-performance, elegant and quick e-bikes. As such, Stromer can give you back the many hours of leisure time you seek ─ with e-bikes that are more than just a replacement for a car.

Experience for yourself how Swiss values and quality standards are combined to create a reliable, powerful product.

Become a part of the mobility revolution and make the switch – to the new ST1 X.